Nima Denzongpa Written Update 7th January 2022 Episode Manya is Pregnant

In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have watched that Nima learns Suresh decided to divorce Tulika. She comes to him and says that she doesn’t think it would be a solution to our problem. Suresh that it doesn’t matter I just don’t want to look at her face again. Suresh further says that I am tolerating all of her misdeeds for a long but now, things are going above my head. Nima says that it doesn’t matter parents but it also dragged kids who also get affected with divorce thing. Get more information on Nima Denzongpa written update.

Shiv there is getting ready for his work when Kanchan comes to her and gets romantic but in between his so-called brother disturbed them and created an awkward moment. He again started to utter rubbish and then asks Shiv if he can assist him in finding a job. Shiv asks him to forward his CV and says he would try his best. Shiv leaves and Kanchan follows her meantime Mayank drags close to him but Shiv comes there and asks for his wallet. Mayank and Kanchan both get worried seeing him.

Nima Denzongpa Written Update

Suman there returns home along with Ginesh and Paras, Suman clearly seems scared of something. As she is sure that Ginesh and Maaji will again threaten her to keep things secret. Babita gets elated seeing her mother and hugs her, meanwhile Paras says that he forgot to bring Suman’s medicine. He was about to leave when Suman stops him and asks to don’t leave her as she is feeling scared. Maaji says that no need to worry as you are home. In between Rani Sa comes there and asks about Suman’s well being. Maaji asks Babita to take Suman to her room.

Nima there is worrying for the household as she and Suresh both are jobless. She even tells Sia to withdraw money from her account but that to get finished and she has only 2500 rupees left. Naari comes to Manya and asks that she has to purchase some books. Manya there complains that stomach is paining.

She visits the doctor along with Nima where the doctor informs Manya that she is pregnant. Manya gets stunned hearing this but Nima wasn’t there when the doctor informs her about her pregnancy. Manya looks on. Tune in to Colors Tv from Monday to Friday at 9 PM and watch exclusive episodes. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss a story. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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