Who Was Mark Waugh? Where Is Taylor Gould Now? Murder Suspect Wiki Bio

Once again, Taylor Gould and her boyfriend Rahul Gupta is remaining the subject of great discussion among the people on social media, since their name has popped out in the murder case of their friend whose body is recently recovered by the concerned department from the apartment where he used to stay. Yes, you heard right, Both are coming under suspicion as if they have been found in suspicious condition, therefore a sword of doubt is hanging on their neck, as they are being believed as the prime suspects of the slaughter, so below you could get everything along with some untold facts. 

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the case gets strange as the apartment was locked from the inside and approx three people were existing inside the apartment, among them, Taylor was the one who later made a call to the police, as she saw her boyfriend along with another one while having blood stains on their attire. After a while, when the police reached the crime spot, they made everyone away from the crime scene so that, their prints could not create any obstacle for them during the investigation.

Now, uncounted people are keen to the comprehensive details about Taylor Gould that where is she now. So as far as the reports are to be considered, she did not make any public appearance, since she made headlines across the internet sites. Although, Taylor attested in the court during the hearing on the case, that she did not remember the entire things of the incident, because the crime was executed late at night. Even she was the one who made a call to the police department when she got acquainted with the news, as her close ones were coming into the doubt.

If further reports are to be believed, so only Taylor, Rahul Gupta, and Mark were present inside the apartment, prior to this Gupta was already sentenced behind the bars in 2015. The victim Mark Waugh passed away after being stabbed more than 10 times, as Rahul accused Mark cheated with his GF. On the issue, Mark’s father has released the statement in which, he urged the concerned department for punishing the culprit hard. As they became the cause of the unexpected passing of his son in such a worst manner, which does not require any forgiveness. So we have shared such details here and when something some ahead we would make you familiar for sure.

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