Bigg Boss 15 Voting Results 7th January 2022 Episode Shamita Addresses Tejasswi Insecure One

Hey entertainment lovers, we are back with the exclusive updates of your favourite quite sensational TV reality show Bigg Boss 15, which is ready to make you feel amazing again through the coming telecasts. This is going to take place on 7th January 2021, under which, you are going to become the witness of such shocking twists as the housemates are ready to accuse another contestant that how their involvement is less than their contribution because it is a matter of grabbing the TTF (Ticket To Finale) last time in the show, therefore, no one wants to miss the chance.

The recent episode commences where Tejasswi Prakash and Shamita come on the stage where Tejasswi alleges Shamita as a dramatic contestant of the house. Because as far as she has concerned she always makes an excuse that she is having a problem with her hand due to injury. But when it comes to making a hairstyle she uses her hand equally well and comfortably, which indicates that she is dramatic enough and does such things so that, she had not to do the duties besides one, because she has decided what to do or not.

Bigg Boss 15 Highlights

  • Tejasswi alleges Shamita as a clever contestant
  • Shamita addresses Tejasswi Insecure one
  • Tejasswi slams the entire housemates

Later, Shamita says that everyone has their own perspective as Tejasswi has, and therefore, she is seeing whatever she wants to see, and as far as she has concerned washing utensils is not an easy duty as everyone knows besides her. But Tejasswi is adamant about her words and says that it is her perspective meanwhile, Shamita addresses her insecure one who is unleashing her temper without any reason while there is no need to show it but despite this, no one even considers her seriously due to these activities which seems irritated enough.

As soon as Tejasswi hears the statement, she replies that she already knows that no matter what happens but these contestants will never vote her in the task, and this is the reason she does not want to take it series. Therefore, she was to show her points which she has done. Meanwhile, Rashmi interrupts her and says that she does not have the right to accuse the housemates in such a manner she is doing now, because she has done flaws, and instead of accepting she is accusing which is inappropriate enough. So watch it on Colors at the correct time and for further details connect with us.

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