Who Is Tizzy Aka Tizzyent On TikTok? Why Is He Trending? Controversy Explained!

Social media has given everyone an amazing platform to share what they love and to showcase what they love to do the most. Using the platform, several people have gained popularity and has grabbed attention from the public. Well, one user from TikTok is also making headlines and has become the topic of discussion among the netizens. Yes, we are talking about Tizzy, also known as, Tizzyent. The content creator is trending on various platforms and has compelled the users to search for him. Here’s what we know about him.

Having more than 3.9 million followers on TikTok, Tizzy is quite popular on social media. He keeps his followers entertained with the help of interesting and engaging content that he uploads on his account. Tizzy has been an internet sensation for some years now but now he has grabbed the eyeballs of internet users again. You must be wondering what has happened that has brought the young star into the limelight once again.

Who Is Tizzy Aka Tizzyent On TikTok?

Well, let us tell you that Tizzy has gotten involved in a controversy after he replied to a girl on her continuous torturing and false claims about him on the internet. Tizzy aka Tizzyent came to the limelight after a girl called him a pedophile, someone who has inappropriate feelings towards children. At first, the TikToker ignored the comment but the girl did not stop harassing him by repeatedly claiming him for being a pedophile.

Eventually, Tizzy took action against her by replying to her and calling out her boyfriend. However, it was later, that he realized that his comment might have caused damage to her social media life. Even though months have passed, netizens have brought the topic in news again. The identification of the girl is unknown at this time. Talking about Tizzy, he is a popular content creator known for confidently putting his expressions and opinions forward. Apart from being popular on TikTok and social media, he also happens to be an award-winning filmmaker too.

Tizzy’s real name is Micheal McWhorter and he was born in Richmond in Virginia. He has founded “Tizzy Entertainment” and has delivered two short films and a music video to the spectators. Besides being a director, Tizzy is also an actor, editor. The 45-year-old has directed various feature films and commercial spots. Currently, he is working at L7 Pictures as an editor, writer, and director. Follow our site for more updates on Tizzy.

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