Who Is Ricky Murda? TikTok Star Viral Leaked Video On Twitter Reddit Clip Link

Ricky Murda, a popular TikToker, has become the hot topic of discussion ever since one of his videos went viral on the internet. As it has become pretty usual for someone to go viral on social media after posting any explicit or inappropriate content, Ricky has gotten popularity too. Now, netizens are discussing the trending video that has occupied all the internet. The TikTok user has also come to the news and now is being searched by the netizens. Yes, various searches are being made about him and his video. Let’s check who is Ricky Murda and everything about the leaked viral video.

The 18-year-old TikToker came to light when he reportedly exposed popular YouTuber, James Charles. He accused James of blackmailing him and said that Charles DM’ed him on Instagram asking about his Snapchat ID. Yes, Ricky Murda has shared a series of videos on TikTok where he has accused the Makeup Guru of intimidating him into capitulating with his requests.

Who is Ricky Murda?

Briefing the matter a bit, Ricky had uploaded some explicit content on the adult social media platform OF along with Twitter and Reddit. Well, the videos went viral and James Charles happened to see those too. Impressed with Ricky Murda’s videos, James texted the latter on Instagram and asked him for his Snapchat ID. However, the teenager TikToker did not reply to the said text and went ahead to share a video about it which has gotten around 7.8 Million likes.

Later, Murda shared a video where James sent him some explicit content and claimed that it was sent by the TikTok user only. Ricky claimed that he never give the YouTuber his Snapchat ID and was not interested in talking to him anyway. Now, all of these videos have been going viral on various platforms. The internet has also reacted to the whole matter as netizens are bashing James Charles for blackmailing the teenager. Ricky Murda viral video on Twitter and Reddit have also caused ruckus online.

The videos are being shared by plenty of people and have gotten millions of views as well. Talking about Ricky Murda, the 18-year-old is quite popular on Instagram and TikTok. He has almost 1.2 million followers on TikTok while he has around 19 million likes on his posts. He recently joined Twitter in Nov and has shared two videos so far, on 18th and 20th Dec respectively. Ricky’s personal details have not been disclosed yet.

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