Who Is Raysean Autry And What Was His Death Cause? Kollege Kidd Co-Owner Dies

Once again, the quite heartbreaking news is reported from Ohio which left everyone in deep shock, as a wave of great grief surrounded everyone. Yes, you heard right, popular blogger content creator and a co-founder of Hip-Hop website Kollege Kidd, Raysean Autry is no more among his admirers as his sudden departure took place on 30th December 2021 at the age of mid-thirties due to health complications of the novel virus which is the major cause behind the ongoing pandemic. Since the news surrounded the entire social media his fans shocking reaction came out as they lost their favorite one spontaneously.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Ray Autry was suffering from the fatal complications of a deadly virus which made his immunity weak enough, as his body was not responding well during the treatment and this is the reason he took his last breath at a very young age. The entire community is mourning his sudden departure as he is no longer, yet, no further information regarding his funeral is made from the side of his family. Therefore, his passing is remaining the subject of discussion among his die-hard fans.

Who Is Raysean Autry?

Raysean Autry was a popular content creator and co-founder of a digital media platform launched in 2011, besides this, he was the co-owner of Kollege Kidd. More than 27,000 people have followed him on social media, he has accounts on various social media platforms where his immense popularity is hitting the bricks up to the extent. He was a Technical director and camera operator as well around four years at WGBU-PBS. His family did not make any statement yet, so therefore when we will get more we will update you soon as we are also looking ahead to get more vital pieces of detail.

It s being reported, that his brother Richard was also battling with delayed complications of a novel virus but fortunately he is still, alive and being treated by the medical team. All those who were close to him are unleashing their deep feelings towards the deceased while paying tribute to him through social media, hence the entire platform is folded by the heartfelt messages as still, his admirers are sharing the quotes while praying for his close one, so that, their strength could remain ahead to bear the pain of great loss(RIP).

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