Who Is Marissa Fitzgerald? 9-Year-Old Murdered By Mother’s Boyfriend Arrested Charges Explained

Marissa Fitzgerald who was murdered by her mother’s boyfriend in 2007 has come to the light again. Netizens have been discussing the young girl and her tragic death that has shaken the internet at that time. After the brutal murder of the 9-year-old came to the news, the officers started their investigation to find out about the culprit and his motive behind killing the young girl. Later, it was revealed that the girl’s mother’s boyfriend was behind this murder. He was arrested by the authorities immediately. Let’s find out more about the case and the deceased girl.

The 9-year-old girl, Marissa Fitzgerald was the daughter of Jennifer Taylor. She was just an elementary student who went to study in Fitzgerald in Georgia. As per the reports, the innocent girl was murdered along with her mother in 2017. The double murder case has shaken the residents of that area who spent several days in fear until the culprit was taken into custody. Jennifer Taylor who was 33-year-old at the time of the incident was found dead with her daughter near Fitzgerald High School. Investigations showed that both mother and daughter were shot to death.

What Happened To Marissa Fitzgerald?

As the investigation proceeded, it was discovered that Marissa’s mother was shot around five times while the former was shot four times which resulted in their death. The shocking and brutal murder had shaken everyone to the core when the news was brought into the limelight by the media. Jennifer’s boyfriend named Veartis Tyrone Wallace was suspected to be involved in the double murder. However, what was his motive and why did he kill them. Even though the incident happened in 2017, not much about Tyrone’s motive has come been disclosed yet. Sources claim that the mother and daughter were shot when they were heading home.

On another side, Tyrone Wallace had denied being involved in the murder case and had claimed that he is innocent. Sources confirm that Tyrone murdered the duo in January 2017 and is currently serving punishment in prison. The 38-year-old charges and his punishment and trial have been kept disclosed as well. Till now, not much information regarding the murder has come to light. Netizens had paid tribute to the duo and had demanded justice for them too. If not anything, the culprit was arrested by the officers and was put behind the bars. We will update more about the case after getting any information about the same.

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