Who Is Kuachua Brillion Xiong? California Man Arrested And Charged With Threatening President

Recently, another shocking incident is coming out from the White House, which has attracted everyone’s attention in a very large number. Yes, you heard right, significant footage of attacks ad threats is surfacing on social media, in which Kuachua Brillion Xiong is appearing while, passing some derogatory remark. However, many of them attempt to invade the White House, the coverage took place on 29th December 2021. As soon as the time is passing the statement is catching the heat on various social networking sites, and whoever heard the news their shocking reaction came to the fore.

According to the reports or sources, The convict said in the coverage that he will commit this crime in the White House and will destroy all those who are on the top of his hate list, now no one knows. As soon as the police came to know about this, they stopped the crime from happening without delay by arresting him because the way he has said in the coverage, he could have done anything. Because at this time, one’s hatred cannot be guessed, the way the guilty had expressed hatred in his statement saying that he will blow everyone up.

Who is Kuachua Brillion Xiong?

25-years-old Kuachua Brillion Xiong is a man who was recently taken into custody on the basis of his statement of invading the white house and being treated by the police behind the bars. His controversial statement caught fire to such an extent that people urged the police to arrest him as soon as possible. Because the manner in which he is seen in the footage is not proving from anywhere that he is not a threat, keeping this in mind, the police took action. Now the concerned department is taking the investigation ahead to get his further plans.

So these details have been derived from the other sources which we have mentioned here, because yet no further statement came from the side of his family. Hence, still, some vital pieces of information are coming in front of the people, because as soon as the investigation is going ahead several claims are coming, in which, it is hard to find that what is the genuine one. So, therefore, we will advise you to wait for more, because everyone will be cleared by the investigation which is going on through the concerned department. So as soon as something soots we would make you familiar, so stay connected with us.

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