Who Is Kalicharan Maharaj? Arrested For Abusing Mahatma Gandhi Check Statement

Recently a very controversial issue is arising among the political people, which has taken a very popular form because some statements have come to the fore, When Dharmasansad was held in Raipur and Kalicharan Maharaj became a part of it. As soon as the time is passing the issue is converted into the subject of great discussion, now the entire attention has been grabbed by the identity of the Kalicharan Maharaj, as everyone is keen to get comprehensive details about him along with some pieces of vital information of his personal stuff, because now he is remaining the hot potato on social media.

According to the sources, Kalicharan Maharaj came into the limelight and was surrounded by controversy since he passed derogatory remarks towards Mahatma Gandhi Ji, while praising Nathuram Godse during the Dharamsansad Ceremony, which was held on Raipur. Since his statement came and caught the heat while circulating like a wildfire, he started to get trolled as uncounted people got offended. Even a few, significant news channels started covering the entire issue while taking the interview of Kalicharan Maharaj. But reportedly, Kalicharan Maharaj did not back down from his statement by mentioning that he has told the bitter truth.

Who is Kalicharan Maharaj?

Kalicharan Maharaj is popularly known for his look as he carries a red attire along with a red dot on his forehead and open hair, besides this, he got fame when his video got viral on social media rapidly while recitation of “Shiva Tandava Stotra”. Uncounted people have streamed the video and acquainted with him. But when he made a derogatory remark on the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi and trumpeted Nathuram Godse in the Dharmasansad held in Raipur, After that the discussion commenced about him, and took the immense face among people.

‘Gandhi does not deserve to be called father of the nation’
“That Har*mi Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi destroyed India. I bow down to Nathuram Godse Ji, who assassinated the Har*mi.”: Kalicharan Maharaj

After his statement, the curiosity of the people got pumped to know more about him because till yet, only a few people know about his personal life. But now he is catching the heat in such a manner, that increased the interest of those who became the witness of his statement. If some trusted sources are to be believed, so Kalicharan Maharaj’s real name is Dhananjay Saraag, who lives alone in Maharashtra and has not completed his studies up to the high level but he has mastered all his scriptures. So we have mentioned such details here that derived from the other sources, so whenever something will come we would make you update.

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