What Is TikTok Whoosh Bottle Challenge? Viral Trend Experiment Explained As 12-Year-Old Severely Burns

Every day several kinds of challenges go viral on the internet which keeps the user engaged and encourage them to try different things. Recently, a new TikTok challenge which is based on the Whoosh Bottle Experiment has taken over the internet by storm. However, what started as fun and games has turned horrific. Yes, the challenge has caused a 12-year-old boy severe burns. The boy has been admitted to the hospital and is getting treatment for his wounds. The entire matter has become the topic of debate among the netizens who are also searching for the challenge.

The viral challenge is based on the scientific experiment under the name Whoosh Bottle. The experiment is not something new as it has been a part of the lab alcohol density demonstration. Now, the TikTok users have created a challenge out of this famous experiment. However, one young boy has to face severe burns after taking part in here as he got severely injured while performing the said experiment. As per reports, the young user took part in the viral challenge and started out great. During the experiment, the flames engulfed the young child.

What is TikTok Whoosh Bottle Experiment?

Being a resident of East Haven, the 12-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital after taking his health into consideration. He was admitted to Bridgeport Hospital Burn Center which is located in Connecticut. After the news came to light, the local fire department has decided to schedule a safety demonstration, precisely at East Haven Public School to make them aware of the consequences of social media challenges they take part in. Talking about what even is the Whoosh Bottle Experiment, it mainly focuses on the demonstration of energy being released from a mixture of air and alcohol in the form of combustion.

To perform the said experiment, one needs to arrange a five-gallon water bottle having a slender neck along with a fire source, and alcohol. After arranging all the required stuff, you need to pour a small amount of alcohol into the bottle. Next, the bottle is shut completely and then shaken which causes a burning flint to get introduced to the opening end of the bottle. Eventually, it results in high-speed combustion which makes a loud whoosh sound. Although the experiment seems easy to perform, it should be performed under safety measures. Ever since Whoosh Bottle Challenge got popular on TikTok, the said boy was the first one to get seriously hurt.

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