Vaishali Girl Gangraped And Killed, Justice For Vaishali Girl Trends On Twitter

Crimes against women have been a concerning topic since the beginning. Despite several laws and regulations being enforced by the government, the crime rate doesn’t seem to take a break. Well, we are saddened to report one such crime that has made everyone feel ashamed. A 20-year-old girl who was abducted from Shahpur has been recovered dead by the police on the evening of Sunday, December 26, 2021. Besides, the video of the girl being retrieved from a canal is also circulating on the internet. It has sparked outrage as locals are demanding justice for Vaishali Girl.

As per reports, the Vaishali girl’s dead body was found by the authorities on Sunday’s evening from a canal which is situated near the Culvert between Shahpur Chowk and Bindi Chowk in Janadha block which falls under the area of Tisiauta police station. Sources claim that the teenager’s body was floating in the canal and was in a semi-nude condition. Locals who discovered the body immediately reported to the police. Now, the body has been sent for post-mortem to the Hajipur Sadar Hospital. The mother of the deceased has filed an FIR against four accused identified as Rakesh Kumar, Anshu Kumar, Anurag Kumar, and Manoj Chaudhary.

Vaishali Girl Gangraped And Killed In Bihar

Apart from the four culprits, the young girl’s mother has also accused six other youths of assaulting her. Although these six culprits have not been identified yet. According to the girl’s mother, her daughter was gang-raped before brutally being murdered by the above-mentioned accused. She said that they raped her daughter on Dec 20 after kidnapping her from her own home. It has been reported that a girl found the deceased body and then informed the locals about it. Talking about the case, the SHO has stated that they have registered a case under various sections of IPC and that the investigation is underway as well.

Sources are also claiming that the deceased girl was a Dalit and was reportedly assaulted by upper-caste men. Lakhendra Kumar Raushan who is the BJP MLA from Bihar has visited the girl’s family and took interest in the matter. Since the girl was abducted and raped near the area of Vaishali, locals have been calling her Vaishali girl and are demanding justice for her soul. Netizens have been flooding Twitter with concerning tweets and expressing their outrage and sadness on the case. Various hashtags are also getting trended on various platforms.

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