Florida Zoo Tiger Shot And Killed By Cop After It Attacks Worker Dead Or Alive?

Once again, Florida zoo is remaining the hit discussion among everyone on social media since the quite shocking incident clip took place among them. Yes, you heard right, Tiger was fatally shot after biting a worker’s hand at a Florida zoo, since the news took place on social media a massive flood of reaction surrounded everyone. Now the clip of the incident is being circulated rapidly all over social media, even a few people are passing their remarks on the incident. So below you could get the essential pieces of details along with the video of the incident.

According to the reports or sources, the incident occurred when the cleaning worker was doing the dirty while brooming the surface of the zoo and spontaneously, a tiger attacked him and became the cause of fatal injuries which surrounded his body. As soon as the Animal foresting department got the news they took place at Naples zoo on the spot to make cleaner’s life savings because the tiger was hungry enough as he was attacking him in such a manner. Hence, they had to take a tough decision to shoot the tiger otherwise he could have become the cause of the cleaner’s unexpecting departure.

Cop Shoots Florida Zoo Tiger To Death

It is being reported, that the tiger is recognized as Eko an 8-years-old Malayan tiger, and was shot by a sheriff’s deputy and died, the zoo shared the statement. Later, the zoo managing team called deputies to the zoo, which had been closed at 06:30 PM, and found the Animal along with the worker’s hand in its mouth. They have tried a lot without firing so that, the tiger can release his hand but when the thing got serious they had to take the decision to shoot him, as he was not ready to release the worker’s hand.

Later, the statement of the sheriff came to the fore where he said that the cleaners were trying to feed the Tiger but unfortunately he was grabbed by him, and therefore, his arm got injured in such a manner that he had to admit to the nearest hospital for the appropriate cure. But still, the case is being investigated by the concerned department so that, some untold facts could come ahead. Eko took place in the show in 2019 and tiger was the only tiger brought from Malayan, so here we have mentioned such details here that have arrived from the other sources.

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