Angad Maan Gets Possessive For Tejo

The 31st December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be super amazing where you will watch, that Angad Maan decides to make Tejo his wife by hook or by crook as he has taken the pledge, so as soon as the show is going ahead Angad’s real side is revealing in front of everyone. His possessive nature is becoming a matter of great discussion of Tejo because he keeps on trying to make her understand that he will make her happy unless she is with him, but Tejo is not ready to make a new alliance with him at any cost.

Meanwhile, Tejo tries to make him understand that she is not lucky in the manner of her wedding life, and as far as she has concerned he knows everything about her past. So therefore, she does not want to make any alliance again, this is the reason she has taken the pledge that she will not marry anyone ahead no matter that boy is nice or not. Because she has taken chance approximately two times and therefore, now she does not have the courage to bear the pain of another heartbreak and leaves the place as well.

Udaariyaan Latest Written Update 31st Dec 2021

Then Angad Maan leaves the place, but meanwhile, he is thinking about Fateh as his arrival has taken place in their life and still, Tejo has the soft corner for him therefore, if Fateh comes closer to her then she will leave him and he will not able to bear the pain of separation. Hence, he says that no matter what happens but he will get Tejo otherwise Fateh will replace him from her life which is inappropriate enough and he can let it happen at all, but at the same time Tejo is also thinking about his behavior.

On the other hand, Tejo wonders if she should leave the place for some days, and decides to go to her house so that, she can get rid of the stuff which is going on nowadays. Meanwhile, she says that Angad Maan’s possessive nature is getting increased day by day which is inappropriate enough, and she needs to talk to someone on the issue, before it’s too late. So as the telecasts are going ahead many enthusiastic twists and turns are coming as their lives become the witness of many ups and downs due to circumstances. So watch it on Colors at the correct time and for further details connect with us.

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