Who Was Gerlinde Lang? FM4 ORF Presenter Cause Of Death Dies At 43

We are pained to report the unfortunate passing of Gerlinde Lang. The ORF presenter was only 43 at the time of his death. The news has shattered all his near and dear ones as they have not expected Gerlinde to leave the world at such a young age. Social media has been flooded with sincere tributes and condolences messages as everyone is expressing their sadness on the editor’s sudden passing. However, Gerlinde Lang cause of death is also being searched online as she was too young to leave his well-wishers behind, everyone wants to know what happened to her in the last moments of his life.

RadioFM4 took to Instagram to announce the disheartening news. They wrote that their dear colleague and friend has died after battling a long and serious illness. It was added that Gerlinde had been a presenter and editor for FM4 for a very long time and that her colleagues, seniors and every single person who has known her would miss her dearly. In another statement, Monika Eigensperger, the ORF radio director and also FM4 boss, said that Gerlinde Lang had the sweetest voice which refreshed anyone.

Who Was Gerlinde Lang?

Monika further said that Gerlinde had decided to become a radio presenter when she was in her early twenties only. She added that when the late presenter arrived, it was very clear that she wanted to fulfil her dream and is passionate about it. FM4 boss further said that Gerlinde impressed everyone with her exceptional talent and sweet nature. Having a fresh and sweet voice, Gerlinde managed to win everyone’s hearts and established herself as a great employee who worked for herself and for the company altogether.

Eigensperger paid her employee a heartfelt tribute and offered condolences to her family and friends during this extremely difficult time. Monika Eigensperger expressed her sadness as she said that they would not get to hear her angelic voice anymore. Talking about Gerlinde Lang, she was a 49-year-old woman who worked at FM4 not just as a radio presenter but also as an editor.

At the age of 20, Gerlinde had started working at FM4 where she moderated programs which included connecting and Homebase while she moderated the FM4 Charts as well. Gerlinde Lang was a great human being whose death has shaken her loved ones. However, it is not known what illness she was battling that eventually became her death cause. We pay homage to Gerlinde Lang!

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