Who Was Angela Kukawski & Her Cause Of Death? Kardashians and Nicki Minaj Pay Tribute as Former Business Manager Found Dead

Kardashian family’s former business manager Angela Kukawski has sadly passed away. According to some online sources, Angela died on December 23, 2021, as her body was found in her car in Simi Valley, California. Ever since the saddening news came to light, various celebrities have been taking to their social media accounts to pay the 55-year-old a heartfelt tribute. Apart from the Kardashian family, she was also the manager of the popular rapper Nicki Minaj. The latter expressed her sadness via an Instagram story. Nicki wrote that her heart is breaking for Angela’s children.

The 39-year-old rapper Nicki wrote that Angela was the hardest working and the sweetest and reliable person anyone can ever know. She added that Anglea did not deserve this. Minaj ended her post on IG story with “Rest in Peace! The Kardashian family also went ahead to issue an official statement regarding the unfortunate passing of Angela. The family said that Angela was truly the best as she cared for every one of them and managed to make things happen when they seemed impossible.

Angela Kukawski Death Reason

It was also added that the late manager will be dearly missed by them and they offered condolences to her family and loved ones. Amidst the condolences and emotional posts, netizens are also searching for Angela Kukawski cause of death. As her body was found in suspicious circumstances it has been searched online that how did Angela die. Although it has not been confirmed yet, according to some reports, she died due to head injuries that she reportedly got through sharp and blunt force.

Besides, it is also coming forward that she might have been strangulated to death. Ventura County Medical Examiner’s office has ruled a homicide. The investigators have been stating that she was killed by Jason Barker, her boyfriend. Believing the reports, Los Angeles based Angela Kukawski would have been killed at Sherman Oaks home and after that, her body would have been disposed of in Simi Valley. Online Jail records also claim that Barker has already been arrested on December 23 and arraignment would further be scheduled for Dec 28 where he was charged with one count of murder.

Alongside, Jason barker would also be charged with one count of torture with the motive to cause Angela extreme pain for the purpose of revenge. Currently, Barker has been held on bail worth $3.07 million while he is at the Inmate Reception Center in LA. Angela, the late mother of five, was, reportedly, missing since Dec 22. The business manager was working for Boulevard Management in Woodland Hills.

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