Who is Jerry Navarro From Cheer Scandal Sentence Where Is He Now? Is Still In Jail

Makers of Netflix’s Emmy-winning docuseries on the Navarro College cheerleading team called “Cheers” are all set to drop the second season of the show and as per the reports, it is being heard that it will premier somewhere around 12 January 2022. Well, no doubt that shows is a hot potato already but the most talked-about thing is, Jerry Harris is the lead star of the show because now people are getting keen to know that where is he, is he still in jail or not.

However, the second season is all set to entertain its audience, and that too with an amazing story that will make you feel over the moon but instead of talking about the show people are getting keen to know about Jerry Navarro that if he is still hitting the bricks or not. Well, if you are one of the netizens then you must be in the swim that Jerry got arrested by the FBI on 17th of September 2020, where he was found guilty of producing child porn. As per the police statement, Jerry was getting graphic messages back in 2019 where he found that all the messages were being sent by the minors on Snapchat as well as having oral and anal intercourse with a 15-year-old in mid-2019.

As per the reports, when the company found his involvement in all those scandals they suspended him and as a result, the star is on the verge of losing a few sponsorships as well. According to the statements by Monica Aldama (his coach), Harris is believed to have been saddened by his imprisonment and all set to repent whatever he will be punished. However, the scene was getting riddled when another statement came that back in December 2020 he was found facing seven more charges relating to incidents with four other minors between August 2017 and August 2020.

However, season 2 of Cheers is all set to be dropped on Netflix in January 2022 and as soon as the news of the season’s release was announced people across the globe went crazy towards the show and their excitement can be seen on social media as everyone is posting their excitement on the same. Stay tuned to get more updates on entertainment.

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