Where is Jerry Navarro? From Cheer Still in Jail Scandal Sentence?

One of the popular American television stars Jerry Harris well-known for his magnificent performance in the Netflix docuseries titled ‘Cheer’ started streaming in 2020. The captivating show fetched the immense attention of the viewers and enlisted it in one of the successful Netflix shows. Along with that the viewers also praised the brilliant performance of Jerry Harris and acknowledged him with several awards. But later, the star found himself in a tight corner after getting accused of some serious and heinous allegation for which he got arrested by the FBI the previous year. Well, he started garnering attention when the official Twitter page of NBC announced the sequel of ‘Cheer’ and make the audience curious whether Jerry Navarro is still in Jail or set free.

Jerry Harris is considered as one of the renowned American television stars who gained worldwide fame with his engrossing performance in ‘Cheer’. However, the actor was involved in a controversy when he was alleged last year for Sexual misbehaviour and grooming allegations. The FBI officials proceed him to serving sentence after the federal court of Chicago found him guilty for the allegations he charged.

Where Is Jerry Navarro?

Although the charges of the actor extended in the investigation that claims Harris intentionally pleading and getting graphic messages on Snapchat even after knowing that the senders were minor. Along with that he also indulged in making physical relations with 15 years old minor a couple of years back. All these charges were recovered by the Police authority after a few months since he got arrested. As per the reports his allegations have been extended with seven more charges committed by the actor in 2017. But the actor filed a non-guilty plead for the new charges.

Jerry Harris was born on 14 July 1999 in Hinsdale, Illinois, United States. As of now, he was 22 years of his age holding citizenship of The United States. The information of his parents is being reviewed as it came to know that his mother had passed away due to lung cancer when the actor was 16. He completed his higher studies at Waubonsie Valley School and later completed his graduation at Navarro College in Corsicana Texas.

He also received a Scholars Award from the University of Louisville for his incredible performance in Cheers. Well, it seems impossible for the actor to get released from jail so early after alleging such serious allegations nevertheless he gets parole to shoot the show. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest entertainment updates.

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