Preeta Takes Over Luthra House

Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya has become so interesting. From shocking twists to an engaging storyline, the serial has been entertaining the viewers for a while. Earlier, it has taken a 2-year leap and managed to bring some changes in the plot. As Preeta was kicked out of the Luthra house, she has entered the house once again and has been trying to help the family from Prithvi and Sherlyn’s evil intentions. In today’s episode, Preeta gathers the family members around and announces that she is the new owner of the house. She asks everyone to follow her rules and regulations.

While Preeta announces, everyone looks on. Preeta adds if anyone feels like not accepting her, they can leave. After a while when the family members don’t move, Preeta says that it looks like everyone has accepted her as no one moved an inch. Later, Preeta tells the family that she is tired and needs to take some rest. Preeta thinks that Prithvi must have taken the biggest room in the house by now so she asks Girish to prepare that room for her. Meanwhile, Preeta’s gaze falls upon Natasha.

Preeta asks Natasha about her. Natasha says that she is the younger sister of Sherlyn. Preeta looks her up and down and thinks if she is also like Sherlyn. Later, Preeta orders Girish to throw all the belongings of Prithvi from the room and says that she is giving everyone just one day to clean all the mess in the house. She says that until her room gets prepared, she will stay in Karan’s room. In the next scene, Preeta goes to Karan’s room and gets emotional. She tells Karan that she missed him a lot and how much she loves him.

Here, family members worry about Karan being drunk. Kritika who is aware of Preeta’s motives says that Karan might get hurt after finding out about Preeta’s real intention. Bani and Kareena don’t like Preeta’s behaviour and they slam her for being this kind of person. However, Sameer thinks it’s good that Preeta took over the house as it’s much better than Prithvi and Sherlyn ruling the house. Kareena, on another side, thinks about what will happen if Mahesh comes to know about Preeta’s arrival in the house and the fraud she did. She thinks that Preeta broke Mahesh’s trust and used his innocence. Follow Social Telecast for more interesting updates.

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