Paras and Manya Leaves The House

The latest episode of Nima Denzongpa begins with Suman coming to Mania to welcome and perform their Arti and accept her daughter in law. Mania is looking at everyone. Paras’ family welcomes Manya, she is about to enter the house but in between, she is stopped by Rani Sa, Maaji is also asked to wait for a while to give her jewellery as she is entering for the first time in the house. Ginesh silently asks Suman what is doing? Meanwhile Nima cones with sweets along with Suresh. Get more information on Nima Denzongpa written update.

Maaji wears gold Manya to Manya, Paras asks Maaji that it is enough. Maaji taunts Manya that she thought she needs more gold. Manya starts crying but Maaji again taunts her and said that wealth must be the reason behind this wedding. Maaji then asks Manya about her worth she can give as much money as she wants. Suresh and Manya were stunned to see Manya standing with Paras. Maaji continuously scolds Manya and asks how much money she needs to leave Paras. Paras asks Rani Sa to stop Maaji. Paras again asks Maaji to stop embarrassing Manya you are narrow-minded people.

Nima Denzongpa Episode

Paras then confronts Dadi and asks that she is her wife so the only option you have is either accept both of us or forget me forever. Manya says that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone everything happened suddenly. Meanwhile, Ginesh scolds Manya and asks her to keep her mouth shut and starts badmouthing Manya. Paras fumes and says enough now. Maaji says throws this girl out of the house. Suresh tries to save Manya but Nima stops her. She says she isn’t aware of Manya and Paras.

Maaji asks Paras that you can come back house once you leave this girl otherwise forget this luxurious life. Paras looks on and Rani Sa laughs. Maaji says she is sure that this girl doesn’t want you to become poor as she wants your money. Paras leaves this Manya’s hand after hearing this. Everyone is stunned when Paras leaves Manya’s hand and prays to the lord.

He takes the blessing of everyone and hugs her sister. Manya leaves the place thinking that Paras abandon her but Paras calls her and leaves the house along with her. They both then go to Nima’s house. Nima starts sobbing seeing her daughter in such a condition. Rani Sa then taunts Maaji that her plan gets failed again. Get more information on Nima Denzongpa written updates on Social Telecast.

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