Mariah Carey To Make Millions This Christmas From Holiday Music Streams

Despite the fact that she hasn’t released any new Christmas songs in a long time, Mariah Carey is expected to generate a sizable profit from music streaming alone this holiday season. According to TMZ, every time her popular Christmas song All I Want For Christmas Is You is streamed, the singer earns a few cents. This may not appear to be a significant figure, but it adds up when you consider that the song has been streamed over a billion times on Spotify alone.

According to the publication, Mariah has made anywhere from $3.249 to $4.332 million from the song on Spotify. Other streaming outlets where the hit is also available are not included. In addition, while this is her most popular holiday song, Mariah has other Christmas-themed music that undoubtedly provides a consistent income stream, especially around this time of year, owing to various streaming sites.

All I Want For Christmas Is You is over three decades old, having first appeared on Mariah Carey’s holiday album Merry Christmas in 1994. Upon its debut, the song became an instant hit, topping charts in over twenty nations. With the rise of streaming services (and the song’s popularity), it’s reasonable to believe Mariah made a higher profit on the song this year.

Mariah has reportedly made over $60 million from streaming in only the last few years. She also earns a steady income from album sales, downloads, licensing, and other royalties, allowing her to maintain her riches despite a decline in new music releases over the last decade.

Mariah’s net worth is reported to be approximately $300 million (with some speculating that it may be as high as $500 million), and as the popularity of her songs grows, so will her fortune.

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