Kid Gets Trampled by Royal Guard Viral TikTok Video at Tower of London

Recently a video went viral over social media that has been watched thousands of times by netizens and in the video seem like an act of being ashamed because two of the royal guards were doing a march where suddenly a kid comes in the mid of their way but the scene turns into shaming moment when the one guard tramples the kid and that too deliberately because after trampling the kid he does not look back.

Well, you must have watched the video as it is being circulated on the internet. In the viral clip, you will watch two royal guards dressed in blue-grey coats, bearskin caps, and holding rifles – marching in unison as a small crowd watched. In the video, you will also watch that the guard even warned the kid to move away of his way but as it was a kid so how would he know what to react immediately and therefore one of them appeared to shout out a warning a split-second before colliding with the child but at the end, the guard seems to step over him and then continuing the march.

As the video has been trending since it was dropped on social media people are commenting on it where we observed that people have divided into two teams where one is criticizing and another is saying that the mother of the kid should have told him that he should not have come in their way, after all, it is their duty and how can they stop.

There is no doubt that in today’s era where everything do viral and that too like a fire in the forest, it was just an expected thing that video had to get viral after all in the clip there was a little kid and two royal guards.

If we talk about the video so it has been watched more than 1.6 million times and the numbers are going up. One of the netizens even wrote that “Make way for the Queen’s guard is pretty common knowledge”. Well, if you have not watched the video yet so you should watch it here, and then it is all up to you that what should not happen there. Hit the comment box and share your thoughts on this and also let people know if there could be another way for the guards. Stay tuned to get more viral news and videos across the globe.

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