Interview: My Last Conversation With Sam Obiago

Nollywood titans Patience Ozokwor and Kate Henshaw joined TV show host Ebuka on ‘Rubbin Minds’  where they discussed the death of Sam Obiago and the biggest highlights in Nollywood in year 2021.

The conversation began when host Ebuka asked the ladies saying: “In all of this weirdness and sadness because I know you (Patience) just lost a colleague, it was still a very good year for Nollywood.”

Patience Ozokwor who earlier in the month posted about her sadness in reaction to to the news of Sam Obiago’s passing, said about the situation:

“Sometimes you just break down. You know, we’re humans. Like Sam, I didn’t even get to hear he was – I’m always not hearing that somebody is sick and then I’ll just hear that the person is dead. And that’s like a bang. And I saw him recently and I wanted to tell him that he lost weight but I was like maybe it’s good for him, he needs to lose weight. But I didn’t know he had problems, that he was battling with anything. Very brave.”

Kate Henshaw also revealed her plans in 2022 , saying:

” This has been an amazing year for Nollywood, I won’t even lie. God forgive me. It’s my best year in like how many years workwise. Back to back. And then of course ending the year and then starting the year, January. January is that harmattan month, forget December. January is nothing. You’ll just be waiting. One day seems like sixty. And for me I’m starting with a bang [Chief Daddy 2] and I have something else coming up, I have an announcement next year coming up. So I’m totally pumped but when you look around, you just try and share some of that because it’s not everyone. Of course I’ve had loss of friends and you’re wondering: should you be happy or should you be sad? How do you balance it without looking too loud? I mean, you care but you have to find a balance”

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