Inkblot and Amazon Prime partnership a healthy competition in Africa

The African market is a fast emerging one and this can be proven with the rate at which brands invest in the continent’s booming market. Amazon Prime has joined the fray of Netflix and Showtime to vie for the streaming views in Africa.

The opportunities that the African market present is enough reason for any brand to want to tap into the potential the continent offers. Currently, the continent has a population of more than 1 billion people, and the increasing internet connectivity potential is another reason.

Inkblot productions, one of Africa’s top movie studios just secured a partnership with Amazon Prime to start bringing Amazon Prime Video’s new releases to its viewers in Africa.

With this new development, Amazon Prime is joining the already-dominant streaming companies in Africa like Netflix and Showtime in a competition for viewers on the continent.

“Amazon, Disney — everybody is talking about [how] all these big players are coming to Africa. We’re hoping we’ll be able also to actually put our footprints on most of these platforms.” – Appie Matere

What the Amazon Prime deal means

It is important to note that Netflix currently tops the chart for the highest views in Africa pertaining to streaming on the platform. What this new partnership means is that, even though Netflix has taken the number 1 spot, there is now more competition for who becomes the number 2, and it puts even Netflix on their toes to keep bringing quality content.

For the creators, this offers more opportunities for them to tell local stories to an international audience.

Where is Inkblot in all of these?

Nollywood is a thriving industry. In one of our reports, we saw that Nollywood contributed 2.3% to Nigeria’s GDP and the figure is projected to increase in the future. While we talk about the movies that made that figure possible, Inkblot productions have two high grossing movies, and even though our list focused on high grossing movies in 2021, ‘Wedding Party’ and ‘Wedding Party 2’ are worthy of a mention in this article to show why the latest Amazon Prime partnership is a good get for the production company.

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