Hit and Run Driver Arrested Check Accident Video

A horrible incident took place at Wilton Manors where a driver named Sean Charles run over a group of children with his car. According to the latest reports, the mishap claimed the life of two children whereas the remaining four were critically injured. The entire incident took place on Monday evening on 27th December 2021 when the children are deboarding from a bus at around 3 PM and discovered a car approaching them rapidly. The kid didn’t get a chance to escape and the driver hadn’t bothered to stop the car and run over the group of children and fled in his car. Get more information on the entire Hit and Run accident and driver Sean Charles Greer.

Sean Charles Greer was in a Honda Accord accompanied by a group of youngsters. One of the significant sources of media claimed that Sean Charles was driving the car at the time his car hit the children. Moreover, it is being said that at the time the mishap took place his licence was expired. On behalf of the reports, two of the six children have died in the misfortune whereas the remaining kids were critically wounded.

As and when the Police authority started investigating the incident they identified the driver as Sean Greer who also has a long police record and discovered that he was also involved in illegal activities. Earlier identifying as the prime suspect in the accident he was indulged in a burglary when he barged in the house and stole Play  Station 4. The police also discovered some other charges including shoplifting, marijuana possession, trespassing, driving with an invalid licence and much more.

As per the reports, the accused has been arrested by police officials. It is being assumed that he will sentence to several years. Another vital source of media took Twitter to inform that Sean Charles Greer has been arrested. If we talk more about the culprit Sean Charles Greer is a Florida based 27 years old man involved in numerous criminal activities. In further details, it came to know that he also has seven years old child.

A few years back in 2017 he was dumped by his girlfriend and he got extremely furious at that time and even broke her furniture. However, the rest of the information regarding his family is being reviewed. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.

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