DCRTV Dave Hughes Dies at 63 Cause Of Death Popular Radio and TV Blog Founder

We are extremely grieving to make you oriented with the quite heartbreaking news which is recently reported from the world of Radio, and make plenty of hearts shattered enough. Yes, you heard right, a famous radio blogger and the founder of DCRTV.Com Dave Hughes is no longer among his die-hard admirers, as he has passed away at the age of 63 due to cardiac arrest. Since the report took place a surge of giant sorrow has encircled everyone specifically those, who were close to him as he left the world spontaneously, to know more check the details below.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Dave Hughes’s unexpected demise news has been confined by his sister, through social media so that his supporter could make themselves familiar with this saddening news. The deceased took his last breath on 27th December 2021, he was battling lethal complications of Cardiac arrest for a long and being examined by the medical team as well, so that, he could survive more after getting healed but unfortunately, their assumption could be lived up to. The entire community of radio is mourning his sudden passing, as he left everyone in shock.


63-years-old Dave Hughes was a popular radio blogger and founder of DCRTV.Com, he has contributed his best towards the radio world, hence he has become the immortal name among everyone due to his dedicated work. He was born in 1958 in New York City. Later, he moved to Reston, Virginia for years and then he shifted to Carolina for 2 years. Uncounted people loved to address him as their idol, because radio is such a thing which hears by everyone, therefore, he gained massive popularity because as soon as he gave his best his popularity got pumped, but unfortunately his departure took place recently and made everyone shocked enough.

Since, the news took place everyone is mourning his passing while praying for his family along with paying tribute to him through social media, because it is the safe way to unleash deep feelings. Because amidst the crisis of pandemic visiting is forbidden, therefore hitherto no statement regarding his funeral is made by his close ones side, even no GoFundMe page related information came yet. So as soon as something will spot we will make you familiar for sure, because we are also looking ahead to get more pieces of vital information, so stay connected with us.

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