Angad Gets Obsessed With Tejo

The 30th December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be super amazing because Fateh and Angad Maan are truly loved Tejo, and do not want to see her in any trouble. Therefore they are doing such things to protect her from the trap of Jasmine, because she is trying to destroy her as she is accusing Tejo of her worst circumstance while the thing everyone knows along with Angad and Fateh. Therefore, takes a pledge that unless he is here no one could do anything bad with Tejo, and something similar Angad Maan decides as he saw Fateh and Jasmine near Teo recently.

At the same time, Angad Maan is feeling insecure about Fateh as he has come back into Tejo’s life and hence, he does not want to lose her in such a manner. This is the reason when Tejo asks him to go to her mother’s house, he denies it by saying that she does not need to go there. As he is afraid of losing Tejo again, because he truly loves her and wants to marry them as well no matter what happens. Therefore, Angad Maan is doing such strange behavior that became thinking for Tejo.

Then Angad Maan makes a plan to stop Tejo so that, she can not go to her house hence, he gets accident deliberately, and as soon as Tejo comes to know about the circumstances of Angad Maan, she cancels her plan and rushes towards Hospital to look him. Meanwhile, she thinks that Angad Maan needs her in this tough time, besides her family so she should stay here. Meantime she reaches the hospital where Angad Maan is admitted and sees his treatment and breaks down in tears as well, as he is in danger now due to an accident.

On the other hand, Fateh goes to the police station for filing a complaint against Jasmine while unleashing all the evidence which he got while attending the party. He tells to police officers that this is the way she makes money while blackmailing some innocent guys. As soon as the Police see the evidence they take Jasmine into custody and send her behind the bars as well. Meanwhile, Fateh gets a sigh of relief that now Jasmine is inside the jail so she can not do anything with Tejo. Then Fateh goes to meet Riya’s granny and makes her understand that she should not chase Jasmine as she is not the right guy.

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