Actress, Victoria Inyama Blasts Funke Felix-Adejumo After She Advised Women To Cover Their Husband’s N*kedness


Victoria Inyama, the Nigerian actress, has attacked clergywoman, Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo, who in a trending video asked women to ensure they always cover their husband’s nakedness as there is no perfect husband anywhere.

Adejumo in her message said: ”Let me say this to you that are married. Cover your husband’s nakedness. There is no perfect husband anywhere. Stop celebrating your husband’s failures. Is it because people are not telling you their stories?

Do you know what people have gone through and are going through?  You talk about your husband everywhere you go in the neighborhood. Everybody knows your story. It’s not right.”

Reacting to her comment, Victoria opined that the clergywoman is always attacking women in her message as she always talks about what women should do in a marriage.

She wondered if Mrs Adejumo is always at home long enough to preach all the things she tells women to do in marriage. 

”Madam Preacher….Almost all your attacks are on Women ‘…..the fact that you wear the trousers in your marriage doesn’t mean you should keep attacking women…. U only talk about what the woman should or should not do….always…..I can’t even place your husband’s face….Are you home long enough to do all you preach? Cause I see you in different countries most times…Marriage is a union between ‘2’ people….there’s no ‘Perfect ‘ ……l would love to hear your husband preach about you ‘ if he ever does……” she wrote

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