Woman Dies While Car Trapped in Niagara Falls Rapids Body Pulled Out Video

A shocking piece of news is coming forward where it is reported that a woman was saved from a vehicle that was entrapped in the rapids at Niagra Falls top. The incident is reported to happen on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, in the afternoon. As per the sources, the woman was the only occupant of the vehicle who was trapped. Later, she was pulled from the vehicle around 2 PM by the Coast Guard who was equipped with an axe. To pull the woman, the guard was lowered from a helicopter that eventually saved the lady’s life.

The video is going viral on the internet where everyone is praising the Coast Guard and has been calling him a “real-life hero”. It has been insanely going viral online and has become the most talked-about topic now. The news was shared by Buffalo News who reported the details about the entire incident. They went ahead and shared a video of the vehicle submerged in the running water which was about 100 yards from the rim of Niagra Falls.

Talking about the video, it featured a car immersed in the water, partially, with an open trunk while the water rushed over the top of it. Abby Fridman from the News 4 Buffalo confirmed the incident and stated that the car was seen trapped in the rapids on the American side of Niagra Falls. Before 1 Pm, the emergency crew arrived who attempted to rescue the trapped lady inside the car. According to the said news channel, a state parks police officer was also seen putting on diving equipment.

Informing the Niagra Gazette, Jeremy Smith told that he thought that he saw a person in the car that kept floating. Jeremy added that a person next to him said that they thought it’s a woman and expressed the possibilities of having a child in the back seat too. According to the Gazette, the New York Power Authority decreased the flow of rushing water so that it could get easier to help the woman. Besides, police even flew a drone over the car to find out the circumstances of the woman trapped inside it.

The police informed about the woman being in her 60s and happened to be the only occupant in the car that was identified as a black Toyota Camry. It was registered to a Williamsville address and the woman was described as a local. Later, an ambulance was brought to take the woman for treatment while as per the witnesses’ statement, the woman entered the river herself. However, the investigation is underway to find out if it was an intentional act or not.

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