Kundali Bhagya Written Update 9th December 2021 Episode Luthras Accuse Preeta Of Pihu’s Kidnapping

In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan reaches the mill and sees Preeta’s Dupatta and picks it up. Here, Sonakshi texts someone telling them about the success of their plan. Then, Sherlyn happens to read the text and asks Simi to leave. She informs her that she will get the money. Sherlyn thinks how everyone would blame Preeta for kidnapping and then she would be thrown out of the house. Sherlyn then reaches Luthra’s house and makes sure that no one sees her or else she would get suspected too. Here, Kareena happily announces about Sonakshi finding out about Pihu’s location.

Sherlyn pretends to get excited after hearing the news. Rakhi asks Sherlyn if she is fine to which she says that she is just excited to hear that Pihu would soon return home. Sherlyn says that when Karan offered a reward to any person who comes to help him in finding Pihu, no one except Sonakshi came to help.

Kundali Bhagya 9th Dec 2021 Episode

She says that she truly loves Pihu. She further adds that she might not be a mother herself but always want to become one like Sonakshi as not only did she give her daughter to Preeta, she never compared herself to anyone.

Sherlyn continues to instigate Luthras against Preeta as she keeps comparing her with Sonakshi. Rakhi asks her not to defame Sherlyn but Kareena stops Rakhi and says that Sherlyn is not saying anything wrong. Here, Preeta reaches Luthra’s house but is stopped from entering the house by the police. She tells the police that it was her who called them there. Police tell Preeta that they are trying to search for the kidnapper. Preeta tells them about Sonakshi being the culprit. Preeta goes inside and gets happy seeing Pihu all well and fine. She hugs her.

Karan sees Preeta’s injuries and asks her about them. She tells him that it doesn’t really matter as they have found Pihu now. Everyone asks Preeta when did she even leave the house to which she apologizes and says that she was worried about Pihu so she went to find her. However, out of a sudden, Dadi questions Preeta why did she kidnap Pihu. Sherlyn comes and says that she needed money that’s why she did it all. Preeta couldn’t believe the allegations that were put on her by the family. Preeta asks Sherlyn not to say anything but she continues. Keep watching Kundali Bhagya for more updates!

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