Suhani Breaks All Relations With Ranveer

The 22nd November 2021 episode of Sirf Tum commences where Ranveer’s caring gestures become the cause of her failure in the entrance exam. Because volunteers are not like his concerned about her, hence, Ranveer’s stepbrother who is handling the examination department executes his conspiracy against both. He does such things because of which, her name got canceled by the examiners, which indicates that she did not get engraved in the exam. She gets shocked to see the result table because she has attempted all questions and despite this, she got failure which is inappropriate enough.

At the same time, she recalls if she made any flaw in front of examiners and suddenly comes to know that during the examination, Ranveer was coming to her while bringing sandwiches water, glucose, etc. Even the examiner tries to stop him but he did not accept their advice, in short, she accuses him of her failure by saying that neither he comes nor she got failed. Meanwhile, decides to break all bonds with him and stop talking as well, so that, he can maintain distance from her because her dreams have shattered already due to him, for which she will not accept his apology at all.

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Meanwhile, she cries while remembering the circumstances which she faced before entering the college, that her father told her if she does not get engraved in the entrance exam so he will not let her study ahead. She says that now what she will tell them because it was the step due to which, her dreams were about to get new heights but due to, Ranveer everything has been shattered and never gather again. But Suhani is also thinking that no matter what happens she can not fail, because she gave her best so what is the reason behind it.

As soon as Ranveer comes to know about Suhani’s failure his anger goes at its peak and spontaneously a boy teases him by saying, that he can not be improved and this is the reason Suhani did not get engraved. Meanwhile, Ranveer comes to him and starts mayhem by saying that he does not have any right to take her name through his worst tongue otherwise he will kill him. Then he picks a crystal bottle ut extempore his and tries to hit his head but extempore his stepbrother comes and stop him. So watch it on Colors and for further details connect with us.

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