Purvi Shows Her Father’s Photograph To Renu

The episode starts with Purvi who is serving Renu her favourite food for breakfast. Renu gets emotional. Purvi then sends Juhi and Manas to their room, Juhi and Manas do the same. Purvi then asks Renu why is she crying, Renu hugs and continuously crying, she says I am getting much love and respect after a big-time so I got emotional. Renu says that all this happened just because of you. She further says that she can’t meet her family if you wouldn’t help her. Purvi tries to consolidate Renu. Get more information regarding Molkki written update on 22 November 2021.

Prakashi there blames Purvi that she has made a wrong decision. Anjali backs her and says if there is some other woman at her place she would definitely kill herself. Purvi gives a befitting reply to Prakshi and Anjali. Purvi further says that her sister was at the wit’s end but you intentionally did all that. She said that you have already created much drama don’t extend it now. Purvi consoles Renu taunts Prakashi by saying to ignore such remarks. Meanwhile, Virender comes there and appreciates Purvi.

Molkki Written Episode Update

Purvi goes to Virender and asks him to be dressed, Virender asks if there is something special today. Purvi says yes and tells him that she decided to celebrate Bhaidooj again as Renu is here, she asks if it is all right, Virender agreed. Virender appreciates her that you always save this house from all the misfortune, he further says now all the problems have gone we are here with happiness and also got her sister back. Virender hugs Purvi. Purvi asked if he informed the Police regarding last night. Virender says they weren’t random goons it looks like that they got hired by someone from our family. Purvi says we will find it out soon. Virender leaves to change.

Later, Virender celebrates Bhaidooj with Rebu and she hugs her, she again gets emotional and says this is the beloved moment for me. Juhi tells Manas to keep ready for the celebration. The complete family enjoy celebrating and hugging each other. Purvi asks Virender to come along with her for shopping. Kids come to Purvi and she suggested they look after their aunt they will return within a while.

Purvi and Virender were buying clothes when someone collided with Purvi and apologise Virender turn and noticed he is the same goon who attacked him last night. Tune in to Colors Tv and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information on Molkki Written Update.

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