Mishka Is Afraid Of Venky

The 22nd November 2021 episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein starts where Venky determines to give appropriate punishment to Mishka, for all those exploits which she had made in the past. He recalls that how she requested him while apologizing to not reveal her secret in front of each other. Spontaneously he hits with old memories that she alleged him for molestation and ruined his life. Even he knows that she is a daughter of a Rich businessman because of this, she made her name removed from the scandal by giving the bribe to the Principal.

Another side, Rudra brings a Saree for Preesha as a gift but she refuses to receive it by saying that she does not wear such shiny sarees as he knows. But he says that she should try these sarees at least once, and if she does not like then they will send them back. But when she tries she likes all Sarees and says that she did not expect that she will like them. Meanwhile, mentions that she will wear it on the day of Mishka and Param’s wedding, both families are happy enough because finally, they are getting married to each other.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today’s Episode

Later, the Haldi function of Param & Mishka begins, Vidhi brings Param and Vasu brings Mishka along with Preesha. As soon as Rudra sees Preesha he gets mesmerized by her adorable beauty and ignores Saransh. Meanwhile, Saransh leaves the place with Vidhi and says that he should continue gazing at her. At the same time, Rudra goes to meet Preesha and tries to get romantic but she refuses by saying that it is a family function, and has to behave sagaciously. Then she makes him sit beside Venky by saying that he needs to sit here for a while unless she completes such works.

At the same time, Venky looks at Saransh playing with the Rubik cube and asks him to solve it, meantime, Presha calls everyone for having dinner together. Rudra sees solved Rubik Cube in his hand and appreciates him, but he unleashes that Veky solved this not him. Then Preesha says that Venky is getting well, but he will take some time for walking because still, he did not recover properly. Rudra says that everything will be normal soon and assures that Venky will definitely walk so there is no need to take tension. So watch it on Starplus at the correct time and for more details stay connected with us.

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