How Did ‘Where We Bout To Eat At’ Viral Kid Die?

We are extremely sad and disheartened to share the awful news of the demise of one of the viral star kids Antwain Lee Fowler. He was only 6 years old at the time of his death. He started getting fame when one of his videos surfaced all over the Internet wherein the 6 years old kid asking “Where we ’bout to eat at?” The video received a spectacular response from the audience and fetched millions of views. The kid received much recognization and soon become the viral face of Social Media, but unfortunately, the kid is not more with us.

It is being said that he was hospitalized and the prominent reason for his death was assumed autoimmune complications. However, it hasn’t been confirmed so far and we are trying to figure out the vital reasons for this misfortune. This horrific news has been confirmed through Antwain’s official Instagram account on 21 November 2021 Sunday by his mother named China who handles her account. She also wrote, “The Pain in my heart is like no other Why God!!!!!!” She is extremely sad and mourning her son’s death. A piece of official information regarding the main cause of the death is yet to be confirmed.

Who Was Antwain Lee Fowler?

One one of the trusted sources of media informed that the young boy was diagnosed with autoimmune enteropathy, it is a rare diseased damaged intestine and due to which the body reduced consumption nutrition. Antwain was born with a disease. According to the latest reports fundraising page was also created on GoFundMe to save the family from hefty hospital expenses. Apart from this, the boy underwent more than 25 surgeries during the time as he was unable to consume sold food or milk.

Another picture of the boy has been uploaded by her mother in China wherein Antwain is hospitalized lying on the bed with a cute smile on his face. She also put a caption with the image that wrote “Ever felt lifeless like you can’t go on.” As the news is getting circulating over the Internet people are sending their condolence to the family and paying tribute to the kid.

Some of the famous rappers and singers including Famous Ocean express their grief on Twitter. We will get back to you with some more information on this soon. As of now our thoughts and prayers are with his family in such hardship. May the pure soul will rest in peace. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and worldwide updates.

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