Devastated Father Writes Emotional Letter To Missing Daughter Five Years After Abduction (Photo)



A Nigerian man left in a state of distress after his daughter went missing five years ago has written an emotional note to remember her.


Umar Suleiman penned an emotional letter to his daughter abducted five year years ago on Facebook. 


In the letter shared on his Facebook handle, Suleiman said the experience has been quite traumatic for him and the mother but they are hoping that she returns alive.


He also stated that the family will keep praying to God to touch the hearts of the abductors so the young girl, Khadija may be freed. 


He wrote, “Dear Khadija. Today is exactly 5 years since your abduction. It has been really traumatic for us your parents, but our faith has never faded through the years.

“We have been holding on to prayers that someday soon, we shall be back together again. I missed your tears, I missed carrying you when you cry and you say

‘Kace inyi hakuri, ‘kace mun sorry’ (Tell me to be patient, tell me sorry). 

“And when I say such words your tears dry immediately. It has been very hard for us, we will continue praying to Allah to touch the hearts of your abductors, so they can set you free.

“If you are still alive, may Allah ensure a beautiful reunion, but if not, then you are in good hands of the CREATOR of all things. I missed you my Khadija.”

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