Who Is Tana Mongeau? Why Tana Mongeau Quit Reality House In First Episode?

The American internet personality Tana Mongeau has reportedly quit in the very first episode of Reality House, a popular Youtube reality show. With that, the woman has gotten into headlines. You must be keen to find out what happened on the first day alone that the internet celebrity decided to quit. Well, the reason behind her making the decision is quite shocking actually. It has come forward that Tana didn’t perform her first challenge as she did not want to ruin her nails. Yes, Tana Mongeau quit the task as she had gotten a manicure worth $500.

Reality House is the third season of the Youtube show where the number of participants has gotten reduced. Earlier, 12 participants were allowed to participate but now it has been reduced to only 8 contestants. Apart from Tana Mongeau, various other personalities are participating in the show that including Bryce Hall, Iavaxgrl, Peter Vigilante and many more. From the beginning of the show, the fans are getting to watch several heated moments between the existing participants. Even though the video of Tana Mongeau calling quit is going viral, it is not sure if she has actually gotten eliminated or not.

Who is Tana Mongeau?

Though she might not have gotten evicted from the reality show, it won’t be false to state that she has definitely disappointed her fellow contestants. Talking about the first challenge, it required the contestants to climb a 25-foot-tall rock wall. According to the task, the first contestant to climb up the wall would emerge out as the winner while the participant taking the maximum time to reach there would be eliminated. Most contestants accepted the challenge and climbed the wall with a slight level of difficulty but Tana just refused to participate straight away. However, her fellow contestants encouraged her to take part but she sticked to her decision.

After the video went viral, the netizens started to bash the personality for wasting the opportunity. They literally cancelled the star for taking the reality show for granted. Speaking of Tana Mongeau, she belongs to Las Vegas, United States. She is popularly known to make “storytime” videos and creative contents which she posts on her YouTube channel. Tana Mongeau has more than 5 million followers on Instagram and is quite popular on social media. Born on June 24, 1998, Tana is 23-years-old as of now. Follow our site for more interesting updates.

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