Udaariyaan Written Update 20th Nov 2021 Today’s Episode: Angad Gets Exposed

The 20th November 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where you will watch that Tejo gets a photo of Angad and his ex-wife along with a child because of which, she gets suspicious and wants to figure out everything as the photo is indicating that he is hiding something from them. Therefore, she goes to him and asks everything because she has a piece of evidence against him, and shows him the photo by asking that if he has an affair so he should have made her acquainted with that. When Angad Maan tries to say something Tejo stops him.

At the same time, Angad makes her stop by saying that she should listen to him carefully if she really wants to get comprehensive details about his past. He reveals that he is already married and had one child as well, but due to a tragedy, he lost them along with his entire family. So this photo is saying right that he is already married, as soon as Tejo hears his past tragedy she breaks down in tears, because she did not know that there is so much pain behind this smiling face, and hence she consoles him as well.

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Meanwhile, Fateh sees them together, and his jealousy knows no bounds because he does not want to see them together happily, and wonders that how could someone be changed up to the next level. Because nowadays Tejo is behaving opposite of her break side, which is shocking enough for Fateh, but he can not do anything as Khushbir Singh fixed her wedding with Angad Maan. But several things are going on in his mind, as he does not want to let her marry with anger. So now it will be amazing to stream that what will happen next in the show.

It is being speculated that Angad Maan’s secret is bringing several twists and turns along with high voltage drama, because hitherto only Tejo got herself familiar with his secret. In short, her entire family still, does not know his real side, so you can suppose when they will come to know so what will happen, especially with Khushbir Singh, who fixed their wedding date while putting a condition in front of Tejo. So they will definitely get shocked to see the photo of Angad’s family, which will become the cause of heavy twists. Soo watches it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for further details stay connected with us.

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