Suhani Breaks Down In Tears

The 20th November 2021 episode of your favorite Daily Soap Sirf Tum is bringing a high voltage drama where you will watch, Ranveer’s love gestures towards Suhani as he brings sandwiches and glucose for her. So that, she does not have any problem while attempting the exam, because he does not want to see her in any trouble. In short, his protective & possessive nature is getting increased towards her, which is a bit suspicious for Suhani as she did not expect at all, because only a few days have passed since her admission and despite this, he is doing a lot for her.

Later, Ranveer’s step-brother will execute his conspiracy against them as he saw Ranveer happy with Suhani and wants to hurt him. So he deliberately does such things which becomes the cause of her failure in the entrance exam. As soon as she gets her result, she gets shocked to see the marks chart and wonders that with great difficulty, she had persuaded her family to study, but perhaps nothing could happen as she got failed in the exam, she breaks down in tears, because her all dreams have shattered and no one can help her to make them gather again.

Sirf Tum Full Written Episode 20th Nov 2021

Later, Ranveer comes to know about the circumstances of Suhani after getting failed because of which, his anger goes at its peak, and when he is crossing the ground a boy starts teasing him while taking Suhani’s name. Hence, he starts mayhem with him and beats him brutally by saying that no one has a right to raise questions on Suhani, and if he takes her name again by his tongue then no one will come to save him for sure. Meanwhile, Ranveer takes a crystal bottle and is about to hit his head but his step-brother comes and stops him.

On the other hand, Suhani accuses Ranbir of her failure by saying that he has done plenty of things while examinations, because of which, the examiner cut her name from the list. Because again and again he was coming to give her sandwich and glucose water and all, and she decides to stop talking to Ranveer. But he tries to console her by saying that whatever has happened with her that was not his fault and assures her that he will do something for sure, but she can not stop talking to him. SO watch it on colors TV and for further details connect with us.

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