Rapper Reggie Rockstone begs Ghanaians for money while citing the generosity Davido enjoyed from Nigerians

Taking a leaf from Davido, Ghanaian rapper Reggie Rockstone begged Ghanaians for money.

According to the self-proclaimed grandpapa of hip-hop, he only wants GHC 380 from every Ghanaian who admires him and his music

He also requested that his industry colleagues send him money.

Reggie stated that, unlike Davido, he is not begging for free money, rather he’s asking asking money in exchange for his product.

He then introduced his men’s grooming products, adding that those who send him money will receive the product.

He explained that he’s doing this because he doesn’t want to grow old and be forced to beg for money like some other artists.

Rather than support him, Ghanaians, including a prominent Ghanaian blogger, called him “shameless” and accused him of begging “stylishly”.



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