Nima Denzongpa Written Episode Update 20th Nov 2021 Spoilers: Sia Hugs Suresh

Well, as you all know that your favorite show called Nima Denzongpa is heading towards its more interesting episodes and undoubtedly the makers are leaving no stone unturned to make the show more captivating as compared to before. So far we have watched an amazing drama where Sia gets angry at Nima and the scene begins with the heartburn scene. Therefore, here you will get to know about tonight’s episode’s written updates of the show so be here till the end.

The latest episode of the show begins with, Nima & Mania talking where Nima tells her that Sia is angry with her and just does not want to see her at least for now. Mania gets angry asking her that what Sia wants to do and what is wrong with her. Nima replies that Sia wants space from her and she will do it for her. Mania asks her that what is she saying, she replies that she will give her space.

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On the other side, Suresh tells Sia that Nima is not coming to her place, Sia says it’s okay, he then tells her that she was worried about her. Sia replies that Nima thinks that she is the boss and makes her own rules, he tells her that she loves her. Sia replies that she does not care about her love anymore. Suresh then tells her that she should not so be so harsh because she should think that why Nima does not trust anyone.

Sia then somehow manages to put her thoughts saying that she always kept them away from love. He looks at her, she continues to say that however, Nim does not want their hearts to break but she should have known that it is also becoming the same thing that is breaking them from inside. Suresh again tells her that even Nima went to meet Shiv and she just wanted to meet him because she does not want Sia to cry, he tells her that how much does Nima lovers her.

Sia asks him that if Nima does not want them to cry for love then why she is doing love and all and staying them away from feelings of love. Sia gets teary eye telling Suresh that she pushed Shiv away just because of Ayi, Suresh assures her that it was mandatory to do that because sometimes pushing people away becomes more mandatory than letting them stay in the life. He says that she should not be so worried because he is here with her all the time, she hugs her and the episode ends here, stay connected to read more updates.

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