Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) Today’s Episode Update 19th Nov 2021: Mishka Apologizes To Venky

The 19th November 2021 episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein begins where Preesha gets to know about the Doctor’s strike, and she assures the staff that her contribution will be taken place for sure. Meanwhile, she makes Rudra understand that hospital staff needs her so she will have to go, he replies that he will come to meet her after a while. Then she says that she will have to sleep now so that, she can wake up early, he also sleeps beside her, But Preesha keeps on thinking that she will have to catch the main culprit who became the cause of Venky’s worst condition.


Then Mishka comes out and recalls all those things which happened on that day, because Rakesh said that how could they bring a girl in the boy’s hostel despite knowing, tight security was there. Even Venky advised him to send them out back otherwise he will complain to the principal but he did not accept his advice by saying, that if he does not want to have fun with them, so let them have some fun. Later, Rakesh does such things because of which, Mishka had to go to Venky’s room, and it was the initial part of Venky’s worst condition.

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) Today’s Episode

At the same time, Venky apologizes to Mishka and asks her to go otherwise a big issue will happen but Rakesh decided to punish Venky. Meanwhile, she says that she will not go from there as well spontaneously, Principal comes there and asks what happened, what she is doing in the boy’s hostel. Then she starts accusing Venky that he molested and harassed her brutally, the meantime, she asks them to come to the Principal Room but before their arrival, Prical gets a bribe from Mishka’s father to release her while accusing Venky.

The next day, Rudra helps Preesh for getting ready by saying that she always favors him so it’s his turn to do something for her. Meanwhile, he serves her breakfast but the food is not too delicious but despite this, she eats without having any problem. Later, Preesha brings Breakfast for Preesha and Goyal so that, they can have some food. At the same time, Mishka reaches Shriniwasan’s house where Venky’s treatment is being done by the medical staff. Then she apologizes for her mistakes and requests him to not make anyone familiar with the truth otherwise her life will be ruined.

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