Will Bones Jones’ Ego Get Him Eliminated?

The quite marvelous and popular American reality television series “Project Runway season 19” is remaining the hot topic among the admirers or all those who regularly stream the show without missing even a single episode. Because recently they became the witness of such activities which no one had even imagined. The show basically focuses on fashion designing and this is the reason everyone pays attention to it. But this time question is that will Bones Jones’s ego get him eliminated because fans are also disappointed with him. Get to know more check the details given below.

When it comes to Bones Jones, so he is a 30-years-old designer and belongs to Brooklyn, New York, and has never been shy to say whatever he wants to say to another contestant. This is the reason he lands in trouble quite often, because sometimes being outspoken could become the cause of danger zone, as he is facing now after giving such a worst reaction to Sirino. But later Bones apologized to Siriano and decided to make his peace for a while, but the way he replied and asked out was extremely worst as per the perspective of the streamers.

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Despite creating a scene against Siriano in an inappropriate way along with his harsh remarks, Bones clearly appeared that he did not learn any lesson. The audience became the witness of their ugly spat in which only Bones were appearing while arguing them in such a worst manner. After seeing the Design of Bones, Brandon who is the judge gave him the compliment, but Bones was totally annoyed with his compliment as he was expecting the best. This is the reason he locked horns against him, and created scene because of which, he came into the limelight but negatively, because on the national screen no one should create such obstacles.

Later, Brandon tried to make him understand while explaining that he did not mean to hurt him, but according to the design he gave him an appropriate compliment. Even Bones pretends to be cool, but his defensiveness has been noticed by everyone, this is the reason it is being speculated that his egoistic behavior could become the reason for his elimination. It is being said that, many users have shared their reactions to his activities which he had done previously. Because if someone enters in the show so they would have to prepare themselves for accepting the pros & cons of their activity.

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