PSquare thrill fans with duo performance at their 40th birthday party

Reconciled members of the P-Square band, Peter and Paul Okoye thrilled fans like never before as they perform their music together at their 40th birthday party.

The singers who settled their differences after years of separation once again reclaimed their brand name, P-Square, hours before their 40th birthday.

On November 18, 2021, the PSquare brothers clocked 40 and they celebrated their birthday in grand style.

Their reunion was greatly welcomed by fans who had been hoping that things get better between them considering that they are twin brothers.

On the occasion of their big day, a number of friends and well-wishers gathered to celebrate with the brothers.

Peter and Paul also did not disappoint and gave fans a bit of what they had missed during the many years they were not on good terms.

The PSquare brothers performed a number of their hit songs together as they moved the crowd like they had been known to do in the past.


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