Mick Rock Dies At 72 What Was David Bowie’s Photographer Death Cause?

The legendary British photographer Mick Rock has sadly passed away at the age of 72. The saddening news was shared by the iconic artist’s family on their social media platform. They confirmed the unfortunate death of the renowned Hollywood photographer. Mick Rock was popularly known as “The Man Who Shot the 70s”. He was best known for capturing iconic photos or images of David Bowie. Besides, he also worked with several other music icons including T. Rex, Lou Reed, The Stooges, The Ramones, Queen, The Sex Pistols and several other personalities.

Ever since the death news of Mick Rock was announced, social media is flooded with heartfelt tributes and condolences. However, amidst paying tributes, netizens are also wondering about the cause of death of Mick Rock and what happened to him. Well, Mick’s family did confirm his death news but didn’t share any other information such as day, date, or the death cause. As of now, no information is available regarding the same. We will update this section once getting any information. The 78-year-old photographer’s family took to Instagram and posted a lengthy obituary. Though they refrained from sharing anything besides that.

Photographer Mick Rock Passes Away

Mick’s family shared a picture of the late photographer clicked by Nathalie Rock with an emotional caption. It read, with the heaviest heart they are sharing the sudden demise of the beloved psychedelic renegade Mick Rock. The caption further read that those who had the pleasure of existing in his orbit are aware that Mick was so much more than “The Man Who Shot The 70s”. Concluding the caption, the family added that Mick Rock was a photographic poet and a true force of nature who spent his life doing what he loved the most in his own delightfully outrageous way.

The news of Mick Rock passing left the social media users in shock. One user bid farewell to him and addressed him as one of the greatest and iconic photographers in rock history. Another user posted that the word legend keeps getting abused and overused but the iconic aesthetic of the 1970s is known to the public because of the skill and eye of Mick Rock. People remembered him and expressed their sadness at his sudden passing. Born in 1948 in London, United Kingdom, Mick Rock started photographing by picking up his friend’s camera and clicking pictures of local rock music scenes.

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