Trilochan & Batuk Get Exposed

The 6h November 2021 episode of Barrister Babu begins where you will watch that Bondita gets a call where someone asks her to bring some essentials of Anirudh, as soon as she can. Bondita agrees and says that there is no need to take tension she will be on time along with the entire things of Anirudh. But now the twist is ready to take place because Bondota is about to know that Anirudh has passed away and the person who is staying with her in the same room is Batuk, and he is betraying her for revenge.

After a while, when Bondota goes to bring all those things which the caller asks her to bring, and as soon as she reaches she sees that someone wrote “Late” ahead of Anirudh’s name. She gets shocked to see such an exploit and breaks down in tears while anger, at the same time, she expresses her rage by saying that someone could dare to write such an inappropriate word. But meanwhile, that man makes her understand that fishermen are the witness of Anirudh’s sudden demise hence, it is written on the portray of Anirudh, and as far as he has concerned it writes when someone passes away.

Meanwhile, he reveals everything in front of Bondita that Anirudh is no longer as the Fishermans have given their statement. But Bondita denies accepting by saying she does not need to prefer a stranger, spontaneously he says that she is getting misunderstanding about Anirudh. Meantime, alerts her that the person who is living with her is not her husband so she should be careful enough. Spontaneously, Bondita says that she is making a call to her house and he will have to talk to them. Then he will realize that she is saying right Anirudh is alive in this world.

As soon as she makes a call, Batuk receives but does not say anything due to signal issues even Bondita is not getting his voice properly. Hence Batuk puts the mobile down without cutting the call, because of which, their voice is being heard by Bondita. Meanwhile, Trilochan mentions that it is been six months passed since Anirudh’s sudden demise and Bondota hears everything. She gets shocked to hear his statement because she did not expect that he will betray her in such a way as to hide the things, do not miss watching it on Colors at 08:30 PM.

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