Tejo Agrees To Marry Again

The 6th November 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where Tejo expresses her worries because Khushbir Singh has put a condition in front of her, and if she does not follow that so he will not let Fateh mary Jasmine which would be inappropriate enough as well. Therefore she is not understanding anything, because it is going to be a big decision and she can not take it in such a manner because she has been betrayed two times. Hence, now she does not have the courage to face it again, that’s why she is not thinking about making an alliance with someone.

At the same time, Tejo wonders that Khushbir Singh is like her father and therefore, she could refuse his decision but now she will have to look forward otherwise, three lives will be ruined. In short, she says that everything is up to her now she is getting two thoughts first that she should refuse the condition, and second that she should accept his condition and marry someone. But spontaneously she wonders that both Jass and Fateh betrayed her, and if someone does it again so it could be hard to stand again this is the reason she does not agree to make an alliance.

Meanwhile, Tejo agrees to sacrifice again for the sake of Jasmine’s happiness because she has done plenty of things to get Fateh, but despite all this, a sword is hanging on her neck. But she does not want this, because she deserves to be married to Fateh as she has waited for a long. Therefore, she is ready to marry again so that, Khushbir Singh allows them to marry as well, so now it would be amazing to watch what she will do next, as Khushbir Singh put the condition that first, she will have to marry and settle than Fateh and Jasmine will do.

In the previous episode, as we have watched that Fateh unleashed his all feelings for Tejo in front of Angad Mann, that he is not happy with this separation despite knowing that it was to do one day. Because a strange wave is surrounding him and he does not know anything about that. Even Angad Mann relates with him and consoles as well because he knows that still, Fateh has feelings for Tejo no matter how much he loves Jasmine. So now it would be incredible to watch what kind of twist will take place.

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