Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th November 2021 Written Episode: Aarav Slaps Reema

Sasural Simar Ka 2 has been managing its craze among the audience very pleasantly and for this, they are putting so much drama in the script and saying this won’t be bad that the show is hitting its audience for a six. So far you have watched that Badi Maa goes to Narayan’s house and there she talks to Indu and the scene changes when Indu replies her saying she does not scare off anyone instead of Mata Rani. There, Vivaan has come back home and everyone is quite happy with his arrival.

The latest episode begins with, Vivaan and Reema sitting together where he tells her that he is so glad and super happy to see her again because she came to meet him in the hospital even after ending everything she came to see him. He asks her why did she not tell him that she has been thrown out of the house. Vivaan takes Simar’s name while talking to her where she tells him that she has fed up hearing the same name all the time. She then tells him that Simar always uses Reema’s used stuff and doesn’t know why she is still showing that attitude. He looks at her and she also says that now she stayed with the man she left and today the same man has left her. She then asks him that what an abandoned woman is called.

However, the drama is going on in the show but today something will happen that you will never even think of. Aarav comes to Vivaan’s room and slaps Reema tightly, Reema looks on and Vivaan gets shocked seeing this. Aarav then says her to button her lip and not to take the sacred name of Simar from her cheap mouth. Aarav warns her that if she will do the same thing again then he will forget that she is a Bahu of this house.

Reema gets angry and asks him that how dare he slap her, she looks at Vivaan and asks if he didn’t see that his brother slapped her and that too in front of him. She then says him to do something and asks if these are his family values. Vivaan stands up and holds Aarav’s hand saying “Bhai you did the right thing” it shakes Reema. He then says that if anyone badmouths his family then the person deserves so many slaps. Both brothers leave, Reema touches her cheek, Chitra comes there and laughs at her saying pack her stuff and leave the place ASAP. The episode ends here.

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