Ram Yells Out At Priya

The upcoming episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2, is bringing a high voltage drama to make the audience astonished again, where you will watch that Priya retaliates Ram t7hat why he is doing such things to break Shivina and Akki’s wedding despite knowing, that both love each other madly. Meanwhile, mentions that she will not let him do this at any cost because she is a witness to their love. Meanwhile, asks him even a single reason behind such exploits, because if he has a valid reason so she will definitely help him if Akki is wrong.

At the same time, Ram tries to make her understand that whenever the right time will arrive he will make her acquaint for sure, but not now. Because if he starts explaining so it would be too late which is inappropriate enough, meanwhile, says that he wanted to tell her everything not understanding how to start because it’s too complicated enough. Priya gets suspicious that something is big otherwise, Ram is not behaving strangely as he is doing now. Hence, she controls herself and again tries to ask him about the glance of he does not want to reveal the truth now, because she also has a right to know such things.

Later, Ram brings Priya to the same Temple where both Shivina and Akki is about to get married and see that they have started all ritual of the wedding. Both rush towards them but Priya’s s[eed a bit slow because of which, Ram comes to her and asks to rush fast. After seeing them together Ram expresses his rage toward Priya by saying that she has broken his trust which is not appropriate at all and yells as well, meanwhile, mentions that now he will not be able to trust her in the future

Meanwhile, Ram mentioned that the wedding has been stopped so what they are waiting for they should leave the place because there is no need to stand here. Therefore, he holds Shivina’s hand and brings her out from the temple, and mentions that she should come back to their house. Priya and Akki both are shocked to see this kind of gesture because they did not expect that Ram could do such things like this. But Priya asks him to go back to the house, because nothing is going to take place here, so watch it on Sony and for further details connect with us.

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