Punyashlok Ahilyabai 6th November 2021 Written Episode: Khanderao Becomes Senapati

Tonight’s written update of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai starts with Ahilya. She brings sweets for Khanderao. Khanderao tells if Malhar told her to bring sweets for him. She nods and says that Malhar asked her to prepare his favourite sweets as he was really happy with her. Khanderao doesn’t understand and asks Ahilya how did that happen as Malhar had chosen to send Guru Ji for the mission. Ahilya says that Malhar wants his son to become a warrior. Ahilya adds that Malhar was saying that the entire Peshwa Darbar and Peshwa Ji were in Khanderao’s favour and he seemed to be really proud of it.

Ahilya tells Khanderao that he has managed to earn this position by his skills and capabilities. She adds that Malhar is the happiest person as of now. Meanwhile, Malhar happens to hear their conversation. He tells Ahilya that he is proud of her as she explained Khanderao better. He says that he wanted to convey this to his son but it looks like that she did it even better. He tells Ahilya that he also wishes that Khanderao understands him just like he understands her. Ahilya also tells him that she also prays that Khanderao gets rid of his alcohol addiction and smiles afterwards.

On another side, Gautama asks Dwarka why she didn’t come to Aarti of Khanderao as he will be going to the Rajputana mission. She says that it was Peshwa who wrote a letter and expressed his desire to see Khandetrao as a warrior. Gautama taunts Dwarka saying that Khanderao will become a Senapati and asks her to just forget about everything. She offers her sweets then. Dwarka refuses to have sweets and says that she doesn’t want to. Gautama tells her that everyone’s eyes are on them only and asks her to have sweets from her hands. Dwarka gives in and eats the sweets.

Next, Parikshit comes to the temple. Meanwhile, Sarja and Renu also arrive there. They all prepare strings of flowers. Parikshit tells them how his prayers got listened to as he prayed for Khanderao to become a Senapati and he even went ahead to become one. Ahilya comes there too and praises Parikshit. She says that it’s really a great news and that they should celebrate. She calls Praikhsit a good friend. Parikshit also gives Ahilya credits for rooting for Khanderao all this time. Keep reading written updates of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai and stick to our site for the latest and exclusive news.

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