Manya Is Angry With Paras

The exclusive episode of the show begins with Sunita asking Suresh why did you quit his job suddenly, why did you take such a decision that is affecting our house, Suresh replies that he can’t tell her everything. Tulika taunts that he doesn’t care for his family anymore. Suresh counters her and says women can even look after the household. He further says just look at Nima and her daughters. They all stay together and united work hard to achieve their goals. He says there are some women who only know to let other’s down. Tulika fumes with Suresh’s words and vents out her anger on Varun.

Manya tells Nima that he is going to return the necklace, Nima replies that even after we belong from a different generation I still believe in all of you. She apologises to Manya for her harsh words. Manya says you don’t need to be sorry, I shouldn’t get angry with you. Nima hugs Manya and they both smile. Just then Nima calls Sia, Sia there is about to pick up the call and noticed that her phone’s battery gets drained. She informs Nima that they are about to leave. Sia asks her manager about Shiv, he says he doesn’t know about him.

Sunita calls Tulika and says there is something wrong here, she says you were right about Suresh. Sunita says that Suresh turned as a lion from a cow. They both tensed about how will they survive without Suresh’s job. Tulika says we will lose our shelter if things will continue like this. Tulika says that she doubts that Suresh is definitely heading up to something. Sunita asks what will do now, Sunita says she has an idea, Sunita asks about it.

Paras there is talking to his friend when Manya arrives. Paras noticed Manya and hides and ask Hemant to tell Manya that he is swamped. Manya comes to Hemant and asks about Paras, Hemant tells Manya that she can’t meet Paras at the time as he is in the meeting. Manya writes a note and hands it to Paras, she asks him to pass it to Paras, she also gives the bracelet and leaves. Ganesh comes there and Hemant says that Manya returns the bracelet.

Nima is about to leave when she recalls that she left her phone inside. She goes inside and sees that Paras and Hemant are laughing together. Manya gets angry seeing him and lashes out at Paras. Tune in to Colors TV at 9 PM today and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more Nima Denzongpa written updates.

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