Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2021 Written Episode: Prithvi Fools Kritika Again

Let’s check out the Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya today’s written update. It starts with Preeta. She doesn’t want Prithvi to fool the Luthra family again. Preeta thinks that if Prithvi yet managed to convince the family that he is innocent, he can become a threat to Rishab’s life. She goes to the family and announces having Sandeep with her who happens to be the biggest witness against Prithvi. She says that they can take Sandeep to the court where he would give a statement against Prithvi and it will help Rishab get freed from jail.

Preeta assures the family members that she will bring Rishab out of prison no matter what. However, she also says that her motive is not just to make Rishab release from prison but also to make sure that Prithvi pays for his crimes and gets punished as well. Preeta asks the members not to call the police as it might alert Prithvi and he could harm Kritika which she doesn’t want to happen. Here, Kritika finds out about Prithvi’s evil side and she lashes out at him. Prithvi tries to control his anger or else he might worsen the situation. Kritika continues to accuse him of ruining their reputation and for many things.

Kritika calls Prithvi disgusting and says that he doesn’t even deserve to stay in the house. Prithvi tries to explain his side of the story but Kritika asks him not to. She says that she can’t listen to his lies anymore as she has lost faith in him. Prithvi tells Kritika that Preeta is circulating these rumours because she despises him. She adds that Preeta hates his guts and is only doing this so that she can let him down in front of the Luthra and they eventually throw him out of the house. Kritika’s facial expressions change slight a bit.

Prithvi thinks that his plan is working. Knowing Kritika is his literal trump card, he continues to prove himself innocent while Preeta is guilty. He expresses his love for Kritika and says that asks her to believe him as he is not lying. He requests Kritika to help him escape from the house so that he can collect pieces of evidence and prove himself innocent. He goes ahead and emotionally blackmails Kritika. He traps her in his sweet words and innocent Kritika falls for it again. Prithvi uses Kritika as a shield to escape the Luthra house. Watch the full episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV at 9:30 AM.

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